Inside Paris, free delivery for purchases above 35 euros from 17 August to 6 September.

Prices for deliveries are for France only. For other countries please contact us for a personalized quote. 

10 g to 0,5 kg  = 8 euros
0,5 kg to 0,9 kg = 10 euros
0, 9 kg to 1, 9 kg = 12 euros

Feel free to supply your personal account number  such as DHL, UPS , FED EX or other to organize a pick up, for orders above 50 euros.

Express deliveries inside Paris: call us at 06 17 14 27 14.

For the US, call us - As a benchmark: 25 euros for less than 1 kg, and  32 euros  for 1 to  2 kg

Chocolates are not shipped with isotherm packagings, therefore we cannot garantee any harm made during shipping , such as storage in a room too hot.

GIFT VOUCHERS: they are sent by email, at no shipping cost. Please contact us by telephone to purchase with a credit card (not American Express).

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