JAPAN 2014

Diplomas 1 or 2 (for those looking for advanced level):  2.5 days clases
Passion (for passionate amateurs)  : 5 events

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PASSION : 2 & 5 Feb
1/ Tasting & shopping fine chocolate (2 Feb)
2/ Venezuela cacao & chocolate (2 Feb)- MFDG
3/ Pairing Rhum & chocolate (2 Feb)- MFDG
4/ French Bonbons chocolat: styles & trends (5 Feb)
5/ Workhop : learn to make bonbons chocolat (24 people- 5 Feb)- MFDG
6/ Demo: see how bonbons chocolats are made (5 Feb)- MFDG

More advanced:
STEP 1: 7- 8 - 9 February
STEP 2: 10-11-12 February

1/ History
2/ How is chocolate produced from the cacao bean
3/ Notion of quality & styles
4/ Basics on the marketing of chocolate: how to read a chocolate bar label; classifications,marketing tools to sell chocolate (beauty,health benefit, fair trade, etc)
5/ The art of tasting chocolate– similarities and differences with wine tasting method

STEP 2: for those who attended Step 1 last August or  professionals with advanced level- Basics seen at Step 1 are NOT revised such as Chocolate styles, tasting methods, marketing trends

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Guest: Maria Fernanda Di Giacobbe, cacao and chocolate expert from Venezuela (MFDG)

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Classes in  English translated in Japanese

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