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The best accompaniment to truly taste a chocolate is water. However chocolate is savoured in different ways and often it is a convivial pleasure, a break or a treat, that we want to share with friends, families and co-workers. On these occasions we may like to pair chocolate with a hot drink. Whilst coffee overpowers the delicate aromas of chocolate, tea is more respectful, and can even enhance these flavours. For each chocolate blend Chloe has  personally selected a fine tea which, when consumed together, will complement and heighten the sensual pleasures of each.

A milky and flowery Oolong tea, itself delightfully reminiscent of a creamy milk chocolate, is paired with the milk chocolate blend to create a sublime harmony of aromas and elegance. Together they offer a pleasure both subtle and ultra-sophisticated that you must try at least once!

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Tea Pairing N°2


Pairing N°2

Oolong Milky

60 g
120 g

Milky and flowery.
Tea filter cotton

Tea filter


To prepare our tea as a connoisseur: infuse just the time recommended!


In cotton, you can wash it and use it for years !
Tea Pairing N°3


Pairing N°3

Floral Oolong

60 g
160 g

Delicate with a floral sweetness. 

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