Pairing N°3

Floral Oolong

One of the most famous and finest Formosa Oolong is Dong Ding Oolong. The leaves of this tea are carefully hand-picked from Mount Dong Ding in Taiwan.

A tea delicate and smooth with a lingering floral sweetness.The fruity aroma is  captivating, while the taste is full-bodied, refreshing and sweet.

Sizes to choose from :


Ingredients: loose tea leaves from China

Infusion time: 2 min

Water temperature: 80°C

May be infused up to 3 times.

Expert advice

We advise you to boil the pot, then pour the water at 80 ° C maximum on the leaves. Steep for 2 minutes and remove the leaves and sniff luxuriously. Do not forget to watch the golden color of the inf...


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