Heritage Dark Chocolate

75% cocoa


An exceptional chocolate, creamy, round and intense with a long finish reminiscent of apricot and toasted almonds. 

The Heritage chocolate bar is made from beans from wild cacao trees that have never been cultivated or genetically altered by man. They are simply harvested every January. 

This chocolate comes from the Covendo co-operative that make up El Ceibo. For generations Covendo have lived according to the tradition of communal land allocation. The residents survive by fishing and harvesting the fruit, vegetables and cacao that grow in the wild. Since 2008, El Ceibo have included this rare cacao in their range.

It is called Heritage because the cacao trees from which they harvest the beans are the trees of their ancestors, and the cacao they harvest is a legacy from them. 

Unlike with cultivated cacao, there is only one harvest per year and the quantity is limited. This cacao is exclusively used to create the limited edition Heritage bar. 

Per bar :


75% Dark Chocolate

Ingredients : organic cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter and soy lecithin. 

Contains soy lecithin. May contain traces of nuts, milk, gluten, peanuts and dry fruits.

Store in a cool dry place, 12- 18°C , 50-65°F. 

Expert advice

A chocolate that will please everyone including those who prefer milk chocolate. An exceptional chocolate to share with those who appreciate and respect fine aromas. Best tasted in silence with the e...


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