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Chocolate, real chocolate, is the divine bar. Chocolates with a filling are chocolate confectionary, a different world.

Chloé is an expert in chocolate, perhaps like an "oenologist of chocolate". She does not make the chocolates from the beans nor the cacao mass. Her creativity is like that of a chef: she assembles ingredients to create a new and delicious product. She has tasted and analysed the best chocolates in the world, and her talent and intuition have given birth to a small collection of chocolate bars, a personal and secret blend of some of the best chocolates in the world.

The vast majority of the brands copy and paste existing chocolate, and then use and abuse traditional (and often inaccurate) claims to promote their bars. Chloé proposes delightful and elegant products that bring pleasure to the body and the soul. Her chocolates are made from blends of existing chocolates, that is blend of beans, and the only information provided will be about the "atmosphere" the chocolate evokes. Her "savoir-faire" consists of creating unique and exquisite blends from some of the finest chocolates from different brands of the world. Like an alchemist of pleasure, she hand selects different chocolates for their exceptional richness and unique and special aromatic palette. They are all very different to each other. Each chocolate bar has a unique and complex aromatic palette that shapes its own personality. However all bars share an exceptional richness, an elegant expression of the aromas and a delightful experience to share.

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Milk chocolate Blend n°1

Milk chocolate

Blend n°1


27 g
85 g

Notes of rich high mountain whole milk and caramel.


Blend N°1


27 g
85 g

Masculine, fruity and intense. 

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