Blend N°1

An edible souvenir from Paris!

A creamy chocolate on the palate, with fruity notes and a wooded backdrop of elegant coolness evoked by its slight acidity.

Per Bar :


Select a decoration to make it a gift:

 : DARK CHOCOLATE Blend N°1 Bar with a black rose. : DARK CHOCOLATE Blend N°1 Bar with black rosebud : DARK CHOCOLATE Blend N°1 Bar with black butterfly : DARK CHOCOLATE Select the heart and the chocolate "I LOVE YOU" bar- A limited edition. : DARK CHOCOLATE Blend N°1 A bar to wish someone a Happy event.

also available in Classic:

 : DARK CHOCOLATE Blend N°1 Bars

also available

Milk chocolate Blend n°1

Milk Chocolate

Ingredients: cocoa beans, sugar, cocoa butter, aromas (natural vanilla), emusifier (soy lecithin).

May contain nuts, milk, egg, gluten and peanuts. 

Store in a cool dry place, 12- 18°C , 50-65°F. 

Make sure you tightly seal the zip-lock bag and try to expel as much air as possible.

For an even more gourmet gift, offer the Black Tea N°1 which pairs beautifully with the dark chocolate. 

Expert advice

Heading home after a stay in Paris? Why not take a set of chocolate bars that say "Indulgence from Paris for you", a small and affordable gift that will please anyone, especially those for whom you f...


complementary products

Tea Pairing N°1 Black tea

Tea Pairing N°1

Black tea

Notes of chocolate and malt.
CHOCOLATE ESSENTIALS Mini guide to chocolate tasting


Mini guide to chocolate tasting

The essential guide to taste and explore the world of chocolate. 

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Having trouble deciding on the ideal assortment from the best Parisian chocolatiers for a client or a loved one?

You did not have time to get  enough presents "Souvenirs de Paris" before taking off?


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